Janice Black, LCSW
Child and Family Investigator
* I accept state appointments and sliding scale rates in some circumstances.

The purpose of a CFI investigation is to provide a brief assessment that is non-intrusive, efficient, and cost effective. My role, as a CFI, is to investigate, report, and make recommendations to the court on issues that affect the best interests of the dependent child/ren. (Set forth in CHIEF JUSTICE DIRECTIVE 04-08 - Modified 01/06 Amended 01/08, 04/11, 11/11)


Vita or Resume and Additional Qualifications

As a Social Worker and Educator for more than 25 years, I have insight and experience with children and families of all ages, shapes, sizes and configurations. Here is a list of my particular areas of expertise:

Also, having worked in a family law firm I have an understanding of the legal field and the Court processes for settling issues around parent's rights and responsibilities, and children's best interests.



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