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Learn ways to create a positive relationship with your baby, who will benefit emotionally and socially. Our program is adapted from materials developed by Partners in Parenting Education. Parents may attend three-session blocks that are customized to meet your family's needs.

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Crossroads of Parenting and Divorce (for co-parents)

Divorce may be the most significant event in your child's life. However, it's not the event of divorce itself that has the greatest impact on your child; it's the way in which you choose to respond to divorce. What you do during and after divorce will make the difference between your child thriving and your child bearing the scars of divorce for years to come.

Crossroads of Parenting & Divorce is a seminar designed to prevent pain and harm to a child that divorcing parents inflict when, in their anger and grief, they lose sight of their child's needs.

Through video, discussion, small group interaction, skill practice, and other proven techniques you will learn five prevention steps:

Active Parenting Now!

This twelve hour series is for all parents, including step-parents, who sometimes wonder if there's a better way to handle those daily parenting problems, the son who dawdles around when it's time to get dressed for school...the daughter who is suddenly using disrespectful language...or the children who seem to forget to do their chores and they argue every minute of the day. Or maybe you'd like to prepare now for the upcoming teen years.

You can become more successful at parenting - the most important job of your life - with Active Parenting Now!, the acclaimed video and discussion program by parenting expert Dr. Michael Popkin. You will learn an approach to parenting that will lead to more harmony and happiness for you and your children, and ways to raise responsible, cooperativechildren who are able to resist negative peer pressure. Learn how to:

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