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Supervised Visitations



Additional Qualifications

The best interests of the child is our standard. The purposes of Supervised Visitations are to provide a safe environment in which a child can interact with his or her parent, and to promote healthy relationships. We can provide supportive supervision and therapeutic supervision, which is covered by most health insurance policies.

The setting of the Parenting Center, where we monitor supervised visitations, is designed to promote a sense of comfort and ease, with security. We will make special arrangements according to each child's or each family's special needs whenever we are able to do so.

Our style of supervision is to monitor the interactions of the visiting parent and the child(ren), stepping in to provide support and guidance only as indicated or necessary. We will intervene if we observe or suspect any behavior is inappropriate or unsafe physically, emotionally or otherwise.

We reserve the right to interrupt or terminate a visit if we deem that safety may be an issue.

As Parent Educators, Teachers and Mental Health Professionals, we have worked with children and families, and are trained and experienced in facilitating Parent Support Groups and teaching Parenting Classes, including The Nurturing ProgramParents as TeachersLove and LogicCrossroads of Parenting & Divorce, Active Parenting, and Birth-to-Three-Years. (Please visit the Parent Educator page for details about current classes offered.)

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